Vladimir Gruzdev was born in 1951 in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). Upon graduation from Leningrad Aircraft Instrumentation College in 1974 he obtained a degree in electronic engineering. In following years scientific work has been his main occupation while painting was more of a hobby. Participation in underground art exhibitions held at people's apartments was the only outlet for independent artists back in those days as socialist realism was dominant and the only permitted form of art in USSR. In 1989 along with Perestroyka Vladimir felt strength to quit the job to become a full-time artist.

1995 - Vladimir Gruzdev gave lectures in the University of South Florida (USF) with Peter Tush, the curator of Salvador Dali Museum.

1997 – V. Gruzdev conducted the workshop with leading American transpersonal psychologists from Saybrook Institute, USA (Stanley Krippner and others).

2000 – V. Gruzdev is a laureate of competition of projects for EXPO-2000 exhibition in Hannover, Germany, (Kinetic Installation).

2001 – V. Gruzdev contributed to popular TV series "Metaphysics of St. Petersburg".

2003 – V. Gruzdev wrote a book on problems of visual perception presenting original theory of colour.

2003, 2004 - A part of theory of colour dedicated to colour transcription of I-Ching, Chinese "Book of changes" was presented to scientific and artistic community at Sixth and Seventh International Congresses in Philosophy and Culture UNESCO, Russin Academy of Science, Saint-Petersburg.

2007 – V. Gruzdev founded newspaper gallery "Chance-Gallery".

2008 - At Seventh International Conference of Transpersonal Psychology V. Gruzdev conducted a workshop entitled "The Art of Painting as Psychotechnology".

2010 – V. Gruzdev gave the course of lectures "Psycology and Painting" in the Art-school "Artery",

Vladimir's artworks can be found in The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, in galleries and private collections around the world. His paintings illustrate 21 books of "The Best Psychotechnologies of the World" series published by "Prime Evroznak" and "AST" (2006 – 2008). A. S. Shaligin dedicated a chapter to Vladimir Gruzdev in his book "The Famous artists of St. Petersburg" (2004, 2011 – The second eddition).

Since 1989 V. Gruzdev took part in over 80 group shows. Some of which were:

2015 – Auction #22, Auction House "Len-Sovet", "Angleterre Hotel", St. Petersburg, Russia (Catalog, lot 139)

2015 – Auction #23, Auction House "Len-Sovet", "Angleterre Hotel", St. Petersburg, Russia (Catalog, lots 83, 84)

2015 – Exhibitions in the frame of project "Golden Age of Russian Literature", Moscow, New-York, Washington (Catalog)

2013 – Sixth Auction "Russian Seasons", "Neva-Antique", St. Petersburg, Russia (Catalog, lots 61, 62)

2010 – "St. George’s Day – The Day of Heros" , The State Museum of Folk Drawings, Moscow, Russia (Album)

2009 – "City, Familiar for Tears...", exhibition from the private collections, "K Gallery", St. Petersburg, Russia (Album)

2008 – "St. George in the Contemporary Art", The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, Russia (Album)

2008 – "Portraits in the Time", exhibition from the private collections, "K Gallery", St. Petersburg, Russia (Album)

2006 – "Autumn Salon", Books and Graphics Centre, St. Petersburg (Booklet)

2005 – "Attachment of the Moon", "Art-avenue" Gallery, St. Petersburg (Booklet)

2004 – Media project "Touch Me", Broadway Gallery, New York, USA

2000-2003 – Project "Spiritual Mission", 5 Group Exhibitions at the State Etnography Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (5 issues of "Du-Me" Magazine)

1995 - Folk Art Fair, the University of South Florida, Tampa, USA

1992 – "Light of all the World", paintings exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow (Album)

1991 – "Art Hamburg – 91", the International Art Fair, Hamburg Messe, Germany (Album)

1990 - The exhibition of "Unofficial Art", Palace of Youth, Leningrad

Individual Exhibitions:

2016 July – "Immersion into Abstract", Gallery "Artlot24", St. Petersburg

2010 December – "Landscape: Between the East and the West", Gallery "National Center", St. Petersburg, Russia (Calendar)

2007 May – Exhibition in SDM Bank, St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 July – "Apocrypha", Gallery "National Center", St. Petersburg (Booklet)

2005 March – Abstract Painting Exhibition at "Par. Spb" club, St. Petersburg

1999 September – "Retrospection", "Palitra" Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (Booklet)

1999 June – "Music of Colours, Commercial Banks Association, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1998 November – "Petrography Phenomenon", Mikhailovsky Manege Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia (Complete set of Picture Postcards)

1997 September – "Another Reality", Fyodor Dostoyevsky Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1995 December – "Magic Abstractionism", "Palitra" Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (Booklet)

1995 January – "Abstract Surrealism", "At 145" Gallery, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.